Citywide provides the full scope of civil infrastructure, open space and environmental services to government and private enterprise.Collectively, our services positively impact more than 13 million Australians every day, not to mention the hundreds of thousands of visitors to Australia each year. We work closely with our government and private sector customers to design, build and maintain high performance natural and civil assets. Our diverse capabilities enable us to respond safely and effectively to a range of infrastructure challenges. And, we share our customers’ focus on creating and maintaining places in which people feel they belong. Because we know communities thrive and prosper in healthy, safe, sustainable and vibrant cities. This is our vision and it is why our teammates believe that what we do matters to the communities we serve every day. Responsive and innovative, our solutions are built on knowledge and insights, enabling us to deliver our quality essential services seamlessly and sustainably. From turning suburbs into communities, transforming parks into paradise, your vision for healthy, connected communities and cities is our mission. Visit

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